About Us

We've always figured, "Hey, we could make that..."

At The Land is a family business founded by Dave, Connie, Chris, Corey, and Lianna.

We've always been a do-it-yourself type of family. We cleared our 44-acre plot in rural Louisiana ourselves. We built our house (OK, we had a little help from some contractors).

We built our sheds, outbuildings, and even sank piers into our pond for a fancy lil gazebo. And now we're building a business!

At The Land - Family Photo

How we got started

When Dave retired from nearly 40 years as Director of Operations at a well-loved fast food chain (rhymes with SchickSchonalds), he spent a couple months wondering what to do next.

His answer came in the form of a giant CNC machine. When Dave saw the kinds of things he could make with that beast, he knew he had to have it. And everyone else jumped on board — because Dave has a lot of wacky ideas, but this one seemed pretty good.

Within a few months, we realized that the best things we could make are things that help you turn your house into a home. Or your ears into a disco. Or your crawfish boil into a party. Shit, we're just making stuff we like. Maybe you'll like it too?

Check out our stuff, and tell us what you think! Email us your ideas, custom project requests, or just say hi at howdy@attheland.com or @atthelandshop.